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Joe Adams
Founder and Chief Executive, Adams & Associates

Although born in the USA, Joe has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1970. For twenty years, Joe combined the dual roles of National Sales Manager and Managing Director of Encyclopaedia Britannica UK and Ireland, during which time, through innovative approaches to marketing as well as to people management, he led the company to unprecedented heights of profitability and international acclaim. Valuable insights and solutions were incorporated into Joe's ever-evolving course in management skills - appropriately titled MIT (Management in Transition) - and over the years were shared with hundreds of managers worldwide.

In 1995, Joe decided to establish his own management consultancy - Adams & Associates, which specialises in training, coaching, mentoring and motivation. As an expert on leading management practices, he has worked with a diverse number of clients and has helped many organizations get the best out of their people on a consistent basis. At the same time, Joe also became CEO of Success Dynamics International Ltd, a consultancy offering specialised counselling in all areas of human resources, which has assisted many other companies to achieve their objectives through better people management. Joe has now spearheaded the continuing evolution of both companies into their current structure, with clearly defined training, consultancy and recruiting departments.

Joe is a widely recognized expert on sales management, who has authored a number of management training programmes, which he has presented all over the world. He is a dynamic and passionate speaker who lectures on a wide range of issues, including marketing and sales, motivation, and strategic management. He has spoken at corporate events, business conferences, conventions and seminars, and Joe has captivated and connected with numerous, enthusiastic audiences throughout the world, helping people excel in both their personal and professional lives.

While continuing to train groups and work as a consultant, Joe also provides one-to-one coaching and mentoring for senior executives - a highly effective way of passing on his business expertise and life skills, and to assist in individual personal development. By talking to, and observing Joe, many clients have learned to get the best out of people and create synergistic environments.

Joe Adams is a highly effective life and executive coach. Drawing on a wealth of experience as a successful businessman, coaching and motivating a sales force of 650, he is also a certified NLP practitioner, and an NCFE qualified life coach.

With a passion for helping others to realise their potential, Joe is an accredited coach for the Institute of Directors, and is also a Chairman of the distinguished Academy for Chief Executives. He is also a mentor with The Prince’s Trust.

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