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Psychometric Profiling Specialist Consultant

Chris is an inspirational and inclusive speaker and trainer who has addressed people all over the world.

He has spoken at corporate events involving 600+ delegates on many occasions, but is just at home with groups of 6 to 60. It is in this environment that he now spends most of his time in training and developing people across the UK.

Chris is the Psychometrics Director for Adams & Associates (UK) Limited, and enables organisations to better understand their people through the use of psychometric profiling methodologies.

He has spent over 20 years using and understanding psychometric instruments and has assisted many executives to develop themselves and realise their potential.

“It does not matter what level you are operating at within your organisation, everyone can develop themselves with a better understanding of their own behaviours and how those behaviours affect the people around them”.

Chris has proven success in assisting organisations to better understand their people and achieve more productive results through increased communication.

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