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Sue Liburd
Human Resource Management and Development Consultant

Sue's experience in the field of HR management and development is wide ranging, having held posts and managed projects in market leading organisations in both the public and private sector. Possessing over 15 years experience in the management and development of people, her focus is on delivering results through improved performance. Sue can make things happen as she acts as a catalyst and architect of change.

Within every working system and relationship within an organisation there is an infrastructure that serves as its glue and thus its foundation. Visible or hidden, this infrastructure connects all the systems to form a cohesive whole. Without these infrastructures there is no business. The unique role of Sue Liburd is that she can impact on the people infrastructure and significantly improve employee performance.

In a climate of increasing workplace legislation, the HR function is under increasing pressure. HR has now to demonstrate how it can support the business process and add value to the bottom line. Increasingly they are being asked to design workplace management strategies that are the key to achieving competitive advantage. Sue Liburd has experience of leading business re-engineering projects, change management initiatives and implementing new employment law legislation to bring about significant change with minimal interruption to business performance.

Sue's focus is on finding business solutions in the area of people management and effectiveness. She is competent in all aspects of the HR cycle, i.e., recruitment, selection, performance management, training and development, employee reward schemes, succession planning and workplace legislation.

Possessing a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, teaching, training and general management qualifications, Sue can integrate current management theory with the need for practical application in the workplace.

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